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We are proud to say that at CathyS TSB, we only sell 100% all natural products, products made with organic ingredients


We’re more than just a feminine hygiene company. Conscientious about what we do, we aim to create an environment where people can feel comfortable discussing their bodies. We do this by providing curated products that women of all ages and stages can use daily with confidence.

Nature offers us everything we need to take care of ourselves, use natural products,

to avoid all skin and hair problems, we offer you purely natural and effective products, based on herbs, we have  over 25k clients who follow our treatments every day, today is yours and welcome to our community

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Natural Ingredients 

We combine natural extracts, botanicals & minerals to help heal skin and hair. We make Cosmeceuticals that Enhance Well-being, with world's foremost effective essential oil blends.

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Cruelty Free